Our First Post

We believe Health is EVERYTHING!  The more thought we give the idea that health is everything the more true it becomes.

Health is not only physical it is Mental, Financial, Eating Right, a Positive Attitude, Traveling, and Time with Family, Friends, and Pets! All aspects of life including Art, Glass bottles instead of plastic, fresh vegetables instead of canned ones with lots of salt and preservatives, Healthy fabrics, for bedding, clothes, essential oils instead of chemicals, deodorant, even lighting. Health involves surrounding oneself with healthy choices in all aspects of life. We believe it is imperative to find the root cause of health issues, not just treating the symptoms and masking the real issue.

On our blog you will find all aspects of living a healthy life, great recipes, ideas for time with family and friends, products that are changing lives, people who inspire us, along with how to guides you need to become the best YOU, you can be!